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How to Create an Indoor Oasis in Your Garage

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How to Create an Indoor Oasis in Your Garage

By: Tony Steine

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Investing in your garage is a great way to add value and usable space to your home. Plenty of homeowners use their garage in other ways than just storing cars. Garages have been the birthplace of many bands and businesses as well as a place to find sanctuary without going too far. Check out these ways you can create an indoor oasis in your garage:

Define the Space

It’s important to have a plan when turning your garage into a dream space. What does that look like for you? Many homeowners choose to use their garage for multiple purposes like hanging out with friends, watching the big game, or having a homeschool space for the kids. Define different areas of your garage for the multiple ways that you want to use the room. In order to use the space efficiently, focus on using the vertical spaces to anchor the room.

Add Some Seating

Just because you are in the garage doesn’t mean you want to sit on milk crates or work stools. Consider adding some different forms of seating in your garage to make it more appealing and comfortable. Choose from outdoor furniture options or consider easy to store options like stacking chairs. Define the different purpose of the areas within the garage with the seating options, use lounging chairs for hanging out or bar stools for enjoying a cold one with friends.

Make It Comfortable

One of the essential elements of transforming your garage into an indoor retreat is to make it comfortable. Yes, the outside of the building may look like a garage but the inside space should be inviting, warm, and relaxing. Make the room more like a living area by adding area rugs, pillows, and blankets like those in your family room or office. The addition of indoor plants will purify the air which is especially important considering garages tend to have fewer windows. If kept healthy, indoor plants also have the added benefits of making the garage more peaceful and offer natural beauty without a lot of effort.

Light It Up

Planning carefully for lightings will create a significantly more inviting living space. Consider choosing a transparent garage door or one with large windows to allow in a flood of natural light. Other natural lighting options include adding windows to the space to make it feel less like a dark cavern. Get creative and ditch the work lights for other creative lighting choices like lamps, string lights, and tabletop options to make the garage feel more like a living space rather than a place to work on a car.

Invest in Storage

One of the best parts of having a garage is the extra storage spaces. Creating a refuge in your garage means that you’ll want to have all of the creature comforts that you normally find at home. Make sure that these things are properly stored and are easily accessible when needed. Invest in storage systems that look less like wire metal racks and more like smart and savvy storage cubes and closets that you would normally find in a room.

Customize It

Creating an indoor haven means many things to many people. Customizing your garage into an indoor oasis that makes the most sense to you. Use it for a purpose that you can’t find space for within the home and then tailor the room for that function. Make it your own in choosing items that make you happy as well as providing enough function that you will use it often.

Tailoring your garage to fit your needs is integral when making use of every square inch of your garage. Creating a space that adds value to your home rather than just functioning as storage for cars and tools. Consider these tips on how to create an indoor oasis in your garage today.

Tony Steine is a garden and landscaping writer. Tony prides himself on finding the easiest way to do anything he can, you can bet he’s tried to make his entire garden self‑watering. Of course, he isn’t just about convenience either, adding a unique design flair to everything he does.

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