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How to Glean What You Need from Garage Door Reviews

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How to Glean What You Need from Garage Door Reviews

The more useful question is whether you can trust garage door reviews. Many reviews have been shown to be fake; this is probably even more prevalent in local reviews. Although Yelp® has a very good algorithm that helps spot fake reviews, it is problematic to try to catch them all. In a local market, it is almost effortless to publish a scathing review about a competitor. Even if they prove it was fake, they would have a hard time getting it removed from some sites and nearly impossible to remove from the minds of potential customers.

You probably will have as much luck spotting fake reviews just by reading them as you would flipping coins. This is particularly true now, in the electronic age, where users on sites like Fiverr® and® brazenly advertise a willingness to write a 5-star review for as little as five dollars. It is likely they will do the same with a request for a negative review. Some companies even offer free goods and services for a favorable review. Nearly one in three online reviews are fake. Even TripAdvisor®, one of the most significant online review sites, changed its slogan from “Reviews you can trust!” to “Reviews from our Community,” according to Time magazine. You just can’t trust all garage door reviews, but how do you glean what you need?

Start a Plagiarism Check for Fake Garage Door Reviews

Can you spot a fake review? Probably not. Most of them appear genuine enough, and with so many English Second Language people living in America, you cannot even say with any degree of certainty that garage door reviews with improper grammar and misspellings are a fraud. One way to tell for sure is to do a plagiarism check on Grammarly®, QueText, or Dupli Check; fake reviewers often use the same text over and over again. You surely won’t be able to tell much from searching “Great job!” or “Came right away.” or other short statements, but most fake reviews and comments are at least two sentences.

Go with the Majority

You probably should not consider the star rating at all, particularly one- and two-star ratings. It’s more important to look at what they wrote than the star rating, and investigate if that is an ongoing problem or one person’s perspective. When you look at garage door reviews and most give the company four or five stars, and you only see one or two unfavorable comments, go with the majority. But look into it further, don’t just follow the crowd.

Anyone can have an off day or provide inferior service on occasion. That does not mean everyone who works for them, or their overall service, is bad. When you see an adverse comment, check for a reply by management. If management offered a solution or a refund, the service received might point to a disgruntled employee.

The Bottom Line

With so many fake reviews and misleading four- and five-star reviews, it is best to take garage door reviews with a grain of salt. If one of your neighbors had a garage door installed recently or used a garage door repair service, ask them how it went. Ask questions like, was the estimate close to accurate, or did it cost a lot more after the job was complete, how long did it take for them to respond and other questions you believe are relevant.


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