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How to Oil a Garage Door

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How to Oil a Garage Door

Are you inflamed by the shrieking and banging of your garage door each time you head house from a long day of work? If yes, you’re not alone. Loud garage doors are a problem to everybody. Well, you do not need to deal with that annoying sound any longer. We are here to inform you some simple actions to lube your garage door. Let’s discover out!

Why is your garage door loud?

Garage doors typically end up being loud and squeaky since of incorrect upkeep. A loud garage door is an indication that it isn’t greased enough. And if left ungreased, your garage door can even cause extreme damage later. The good news is, you can avoid the sound and extend the life of your garage door with correct upkeep and lubrication. You can likewise call Garage Door Medical professional today for a quickly, economical, and dependable service to your garage door issues. That stated, let’s get to the garage door’s pre-lubrication upkeep list.

Pre-Lubrication Upkeep List

Prior to you begin oiling your garage door, let’s finish the required upkeep jobs. Here’s the list of things you require to do:

Disconnect your door: you must close your garage door and cut off your door with an electrical power supply.
Tighten up parts of your door: make certain you snug the nuts and bolts. Do not over-tighten them. Attempt changing used parts if required.
Inspect the rollers: most rollers include unsealed bearings that accumulate dirt and break down with time. Therefore, they lead to producing sound.
Examine the hinges: hinges can broken in time that can develop sound, and trigger friction in the door.
Tighten your garage door opener chain: a loose chain can make banging noises and possibly trigger jerks while opening and closing the door.

When you’re made with these important pre-lubrication checks, let’s begin garage door lubrication!

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Oil a Garage Door

The most vital thing while greasing your garage door is to be extensive. You must get all of the moving parts (other than the chain!). Follow these basic actions down listed below to lube a garage door.

  1. Close the door and shut off the power.
  2. Clean the tracks with a rag to get rid of dirt. Guarantee not to utilize any lube on the tracks as it can make it harder for the rollers to move. Therefore, straining your garage door opener.
  3. Lube each hinge of your door completely.
  4. Lubricate garage door rollers. Use a sufficient quantity of lube (grease) to the rollers, consisting of ball bearings. You can clean away any excess lube to prevent unbalancing your garage door. Alternatively, in case you have plastic or nylon rollers, you ought to change them rather of lubing them.
  5. Lube the bearing plates and torsional springs. Make certain to open and close your door a couple of times to equally disperse the lube.
  6. If you have a lock, lube it together with the armbar to make it simpler for you to by hand lock the door. You can likewise lube the keyhole.
  7. Apply grease on the top of the rail (where the chain trips in). Spread out the grease around with a rag. Make certain not to lube your garage door chain considering that it currently has a finishing.

Note: If you’re questioning what the very best lube for garage doors is, we suggest you utilize lithium or silicon-based grease spray. This will successfully lube your garage door. You can inspect which one fits your case much better. On the other hand, we encourage you NOT to utilize oil or WD-40 as a lube for garage doors. Oil can quickly gather dust, and WD-40 can possibly harm particular parts of your door since it’s not a lube!

How Frequently Should You Lube a Garage Door?

You need to lube all the moving parts of your garage door every 6 months. This will extend your door’s life-span and keep it peaceful and smooth. If you live in a severe environment or near the beach, you need to oil your garage door every 3 months or more. If you believe your garage door requires repair work or upkeep, you can call us anytime. Call the Garage Door Medical professional now at 281-855-9300 and get same-day service!

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