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Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

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Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

Summer is over and in fall is underway. It might be time to think about replacing your old garage door with something newer and fresher. If your door is visible from the street, then it makes up a part of your homes esthetic appearance. Moreover, it’s often not a small part either. Most garage doors are large, and depending on whether you have a one, two, or three car garage, the door or doors will occupy a significant part of your home’s front architectural plan. Maybe it’s time to walk out to the street, in front of your house, and study your home’s appearance as seen by passersby. Does your garage door blend architecturally with the rest of your house, is the appearance of your door fresh and updated, and does it enhance or distract from the house’s overall appearance.

If your garage door faces to the side of your house, you will still want to consider replacing it. Older doors sometimes require additional maintenance or don’t function as well as they should. Even from a side view, your door either contributes to or distracts from your overall home’s design. An attractive, well-functioning, and distinctive door is a pleasure to work with and makes leaving for work in the morning a pleasure.

If your garage door is not everything you think it should be or if you want to update and freshen the look of your house, call the Garage Door Doctors. We will gladly meet with you and review the wide selection of door designs now available, as well as the almost limitless range of ornamentation and hardware which can be selected for any existing or new door. Adding ornamentation and giving your door a fresh coat of paint can improve the appearance of even the oldest door.

For example, updating the exterior of your garage door with carriage style hardware converts a dull, plain door into a set of upscale faux stable doors. New fittings increase the appearance of the garage door and as well as your overall homes architectural design. It also adds value to your house when you are ready to sell.

If your garage door was damaged by the recent Houston flooding, the Garage Door Doctors can repair the door’s operation, restore its appearance, and return your door to a like new condition. Rain and water damage may affect electronics, the electric eye safety equipment, or the mechanical portion of your door’s operating equipment.


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