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Keeping Your Garage Cool This Summer

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Keeping Your Garage Cool This Summer

Your garage is probably not a room that you spend a lot of time in. But it’s a room that a lot of your possessions spend a lot of time in, like any landscaping and lawn maintenance equipment, and your car. During the summer, it’s very common for your garage to heat up faster than any other room in your home. While that may be fine when you’re not in the garage, you definitely start to feel it when you go to get into your car and you instantly break a sweat and your skin becomes flushed. It also doesn’t help if you go to get your lawn mower out of your garage to trim your lawn, and the entire machine is too hot to touch. Usually when July and August come around, you tend to remember how miserably hot the summer months make the interior of your garage feel.

Promote natural ventilation

One of the reasons your garage gets so hot is because there’s nowhere for the hot air to escape to after it’s all gathered in your garage. One of the simplest ways to release this hot air is through a window or door. If your garage has windows, keeping these open during the day, and especially at night when the air is cooler, will prevent your garage from feeling like a convection oven.

High quality insulation

One of the easiest ways to make sure it’s not too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter, is to make sure that your garage is well insulated. Many garages aren’t well insulated when they’re built, so if you’re having problems with your garage heating up too quickly, this is something you’ll probably want to update.

Install a ceiling fan

Putting a ceiling fan in your garage is a much cheaper option than trying to hook your central air system to your garage. Your garage should have enough room on the ceiling for a simple fan that will promote good air circulation. Just make sure it’s installed far enough from the garage door, so there aren’t any issues when opening and closing the door. Running the ceiling fan during the days won’t take up very much power, but will make your garage significantly cooler.

Alternatively, you can bring a large box fan into your garage to help air circulation, although this won’t be quite as effective as a ceiling fan. Using a box fan will be most effective when you have your garage doors open, to circulate the hot air out and the cool air in.

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