See how the Garage Shield prevents the Six Second Break-In as tested by KEYE TV news:

Six Second Break-In Prevention Test:

A rash of burglaries around Cedar Park has criminals busting into garages with a wire hanger or crowbar. It’s the so-called Six Second Break In and there are how-to videos all over the internet showing how vulnerable garages can be to crooks. But there is a solution, the Garage Shield, and it installs in just seconds!

Source: KEYE TV tests new fix for the Six Second Break In


KEYE TV tests six second break-in prevention device

The six second breakin is when a garage thief uses a wooden triangle to wedge open the garage door and then releases the door from the track with a hook or hanger. The entire process can be done within 6 seconds, exposing the contents of the garage, your home and even your family with no signs of forced entry. The garage shield is a simple device that helps prevent the 6 second break-in.