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Keyless Entry For Garage Doors

One of the great joys of owning a home has to be having a garage. No hunting around the neighborhood looking for a parking space, no worries about the elements damaging your car, no concerns about criminal elements robbing, stealing or vandalizing your car as it sits on the street overnight. And the extra storage space or work space can be a great bonus.

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But all of those advantages go away if your garage is not secure. Your garage provides access to your car, your storage items and even your house. If your garage is secured by a simple key and lock system, you might not be confident in your garage’s safety, and with good reason. A garage door lock makes a great target for thieves. It can be picked or broken, or a lost key could fall into the wrong hands.

A great solution is a keyless garage door opener that uses a keypad. If you haven’t considered using a garage door keypad or keyless garage door opener before, here are three reasons you need keyless entry for your garage.

1. Easy Changing of Locks

If you do lose your key or suspect someone has unauthorized access, you have to go through a long and costly process of changing the lock and getting new keys for everyone who needs one, only to go through it all over again if you lose the keys again.

If you’ve got a garage door opener keypad, you can change the “locks” in seconds. Access is provided thorough a keypad code, so if you’re afraid someone unauthorized has gotten access to your code, all you have to do is change the code. If someone gets the new code, a few seconds of reprogramming and you’re secure once more.

2. No Keys or Remotes to Lose

Without a keyless garage door opener system, you need to know where all the keys or remote garage door openers are at all times. You are probably already well aware of how easy these things are to misplace. You’ve already got your house keys, possibly multiple car keys, maybe an office key.

Do you really need one more key to worry about? With a keyless garage door opener, you can never lose your key, because there is no key. As long as you know your code, you can always get into your garage without a problem.

3. Temporary Codes

There’s another great feature of some keyless garage door opener systems that you may not be aware of. Let’s say you have a package coming and you’re not going to be home when it arrives. You have four options:

  • Stay home
  • Have a family member stay home
  • Arrange to pick it up somewhere, like at an out-of-the-way facility
  • Let them leave it on your doorstep and hope no one comes by and helps themselves before you come home

Or how about this scenario. You’ve got a friend coming in from out of town but their flight lands in the middle of the afternoon. Now you have to either take the day off from work to let them into your house or somehow arrange to get them a key, both rather inconvenient options.

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The right keyless garage door opener system can present the solution. On this system, you can actually set a temporary code on your garage door keypad. This is a code that will work for the amount of time you set, and only for that time.

Got a package delivery? Give the delivery service the temporary code and they can leave the package right inside your garage. By the time you get home, your home is totally secure, with no worry that someone else may get access to that other code. By the same principle, you can give the code to your out-of-town guest so they can get in without having to worry about whether or not it will fall into the wrong hands.

Make the Convenient Choice

As you can see, a keyless garage door opener system is extremely convenient, and the right system can be much simpler and less expensive to install than you might imagine. If you’re still working with a traditional key entry system for your garage door, it’s time to move into the modern era. Provide an added level of safety and convenience for you and your family by ordering a keyless garage door opener system with garage door keypad today.

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