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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Crafty Partner

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Crafty Partner

Getting a gift that you know your partner will appreciate for Valentine’s Day can be difficult. Finding that perfect gift can be next to impossible.

If your loved one happens to enjoy crafts, they will appreciate gifts that make it easier for them to enjoy their hobby and create fantastic results.

Here are some sure-fire, last-minute gifts that your crafty partner will love.

Craft materials

The Bench Cookie

One of the more time and labor intensive processes of completing woodworking projects has to do with sanding and finishing the final product. This gift idea is one of the favorites of Bob Vila, who wrote that this particular gadget “has found a permanent place in my shop.” This handheld device allows you to carve, rout and sand down your projects without having to apply clamps. The design of this product also allows people to paint or apply varnish by elevating the product above the workspace while providing a stable grip.


While the Bench Cookie helps get rid of the need for clamps in certain situation, the truth is that a good set of clamps are universally loved by all who commit to the crafts lifestyle, regardless of the material that they work with. The price for a good set of clamps ranges from less than ten to just over fifty dollars and come in handy for a large amount of different projects.

Brad-Point Bits

If your partner enjoys crafting with wood, they’ll enjoy receiving a gift that’s designed to work with that specific type of material. There’s a good chance that your partner already has a drill with a few standard bits, which would make purchasing a set of brad-point bits a fantastic gift. Brad-point bits are designed to work with wood. A set of these drill bits allow for greater precision and cleaner results.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Some projects that you put together require a glue gun, which can create a bunch of different annoyances, ranging from a big mess to glue burns from dripping adhesives. At a cost of about $20, this gift idea includes finger caps, a press wand, a paddle, tweezers and a mat, all of which ease the process of applying hot glue to different surfaces.

3D Printer

IF your partner enjoys crafts, there’s a good chance that they will enjoy messing around with a 3d printer, especially considering the fact that it’s the wave of the future. Although it can be a bit of an expensive gift, if you want to go all out to please your partner, they will definitely appreciate making parts and entire projects on their very own 3d printer.

Or Maybe… a New Garage Door?

If the bulk of their craftwork is done in the garage, maybe it’s time to liven up their space with more natural light?

Garaga doors are the industry standard for style, durability, insulation and energy efficiency.

You can start by building your dream door or by finding a Garaga dealer in your area.

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