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New color! Iron Ore Walnut, a deep gray for your Garaga garage door!

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New color! Iron Ore Walnut, a deep gray for your Garaga garage door!

New color! Iron Ore Walnut, a deep gray for your Garaga <a class="glossaryLink" href="" target="_blank" data-gt-translate-attributes='[{"attribute":"data-cmtooltip", "format":"html"}]'>garage door</a>! Skip to main content

Garaga is proud to present its color of the year, Iron Ore Walnut, a magnificent shade combining the richness of walnut grain with a deep iron gray.

Standard+ Shaker-Flat XS, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Clear windows

Standard+ Shaker-Flat XS, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Clear windows

Standard+ Shaker‑Flat XS, 9′ x 8′, Iron Ore Walnut, Clear windows

Iron Ore Walnut – The 2020 Garaga garage door color to watch

Attuned to emerging trends, Garaga has crafted a color combining the richness of walnut wood grain with an elegant and intense gray that adds incredible depth.

Pattern Shaker-Modern XL - Iron Ore Walnut

Lots of possibilities. Because you are unique. And your home should be too!

Garaga’s Iron Ore Walnut color is first available for the Standard+ model. This is really appealing for homeowners who want to have better insulation and a better look since these models provide an R‑16 insulation value and 15 different panel designs. So whether you want to enhance your home’s classic and Traditional charm or, on the contrary, give it a modern and Contemporary touch, you will find the style you’re craving.

Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Sandblasted windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door from Novatech's Shaker Collection

Standard+ Shaker‑Modern XL, 16′ x 8′, Iron Ore Walnut, Sandblasted windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door from Novatech’s Shaker Collection

Garaga’s Iron Ore Walnut is also available for the Townships Collection (the Princeton, Eastman and Cambridge). Do you love the beauties of yesteryear and want to give a rustic, yet upscale barn‑style look to your garage doors? You will literally fall in love with these garage doors! Create a unique carriage house look by choosing an Iron Ore Walnut door and adding contrasting Ice White or Black overlays. You will be the WOW of the neighborhood!

You would like to see how your home would look with theses models? Visit our Design Centre. Just a few clicks on your cell phone and you will see the results.

They go so well together!

Building or renovating your house is so stressful! So many details to consider! So many choices and so much different information! You want the colors of your different exterior materials to harmonize perfectly. Don’t forget, you’ll be looking at them for more than 20 years!

Garaga’s team keeps this in mind when it develops new colors and new designs. That’s why Garaga’s new Iron Ore Walnut color blends perfectly with:

  • Sherwin‑Williams Iron Ore exterior & interior paints
  • Gentek Iron Ore aluminum & vinyl sidings

2020 color Trends

Did you know that in Sherwin‑Williams’ Top 50 colors for 2020, 31 of them are grays? For Behr and Benjamin Moore, grays are also the favorites in a neutral palette, along with whites of course, that are still unbeatable.

Indeed, a deep charcoal gray is the perfect backdrop for soft pink and golden yellow accent colors. A lighter, smoky gray goes perfectly with navy blue making another winning combination.

Exterior color trends are in sync. After several years of black and natural wood, people are ready for something new.

In both manufacturers’ exterior paints as well as aluminum & vinyl sidings, combining different grays is the emerging trend.

2020 color Trends

Come and see for yourself!

Garaga and its dealers will meet you in a ton of home shows all over United States. You can also visit our dealers’ showroom. Come see our new color and our numerous other garage door models and get inspired.

And meanwhile, what do you think about the Iron Ore Walnut color? It’s a yea or nay for you? We want your feedback!

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