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New garage door designs for 2016

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New garage door designs for 2016

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Are you building a new house or is your plan to renovate your home to enhance its appearance? Are you wondering if garage door manufacturers have anything new in 2016 to suit your tastes?

Garaga is a manufacturer that strives to create new garage door designs that perfectly coordinate with your house, whatever its architectural style is.

VOG: for modern or contemporary style homes

If the architectural style of your home is contemporary or modern (with a flat roof), this door design will give a very contemporary, urban-chic look to your residence through its sleek lines, 40 inches (102 cm) long and V-shaped.

What makes this even better is that Garaga has worked alongside the Novatech company to create garage doors and entry doors with similar designs that go together, an attractive new trend in the garage door and door and window market.

Standard+ Vog model
One 10’ x 7’ door, Standard+ Vog, color: Black, with contemporary windows

SHAKER: for cottage-style or traditional country homes

With the Shaker model, Garaga chose to offer two choices of panel layouts, the classic and the compact.

  • The “classic” layout has a traditional look for cottage-style homes or mini-mansions. The pattern embossed on the metal is 21 x 15 inches.
Standard+ Shaker XS model
One 9’ x 7’ door, Standard+, color: Desert Sand, with Shaker XS model pattern and windows with clear glass
  • As for the “compact” layout, it fits well with country and carriage-house model homes. The 8.5 x 14-inch pattern embossed on the metal is placed in groups of 4. For instance, a single, 9’ x 7’ garage door would have 2 groups of 4 embossments.
North Hatley, 9' x 8',Moka Brown, with Standard decorative hardware
Two 9’ x 8’ doors, Standard+, color: Moka Brown, with North Hatley model pattern.

PRESTIGE: for classically elegant homes

To top off the new offerings, Garaga has also introduced the Prestige model. This door has a 40.5” x 15” embossed rectangular pattern with beautifully detailed contours.

For this new garage door model pattern, Garaga has again collaborated with Novatech so that it is possible to coordinate the look of your garage door and entry door.

Standard+ Prestige model
Two 9’ x 8’ doors, Standard+, color: Claystone

Even more appeal with decorative windows!

What give even more attractiveness and charm to your garage door is the addition of decorative windows. Give it your own special touch by choosing to place the windows on sections of the garage door so that your home will stand out.

Choosing a garage door that harmonizes with your house is not rocket science. Garaga’s Design Centre is the online tool to help you build the garage door you are looking for – the one that sets you apart in your neighborhood.

See a garage door specialist: the one who knows how to professionally guide you

If you decide to go ahead with your construction or renovation project, contacting a garage door specialist is a must. This expert will advise you on the best choice to make and as well provide you with a quotation by email that respects not only your tastes but the budget you have fixed.

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