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New Year Upgrade! | Garage Door Doctor

As we’re starting 2016, maybe one of your resolutions this year is to do more home improvement — or maybe you’re getting your home ready to sell. One of the things you shouldn’t overlook is your garage door.

When people replace things around the house every year, or maybe every month even, it’s because it’s obvious to them that item needs to be replaced. A lightbulb, a leaky faucet, a part for the washing machine — when it happens, it happens dramatically. Sure, when a garage door breaks down, it can be dramatic too — but there can be issues before it breaking down people might not notice. Therefore, it’s important to extend home improvement to your garage, but what are those issues?

Old age is a big one. It may seem like garage doors just open and close, but if your garage door was installed multiple years ago, then it may be suffering from old age. The motors have changed, appearances are different — and you can even go entirely electronic with door openers! While you may not have a garage door you have to pull up and down with a rope, it’s still important to embrace even the smaller changes in technology.

Speaking on the topic of old age — it may be operating fine, but maybe you’re not paying close enough attention. If your power bills seem to be going up, first take a look at the door. If it isn’t closing tight enough, the insulation of your home can suffer. Although it may seem perfect every time, it’s important to have a professional examine your garage door to make sure it’s working. It’s a good idea to get it checked every year, just to keep your home running smoothly.

There is also the issue of appearance — if your garage door is old and has been through several cars and several kids, maybe it just doesn’t look that good anymore. Paint could be faded, or there could be dents, or maybe even a cracked window. If you’ve been putting repair off, maybe getting an all new garage door is the thing.

Home improvement is never a bad New Years’ resolution, but when you’re working towards that goal, make sure you cover the entire house. Garage Door Doctors can make your 2016 garage door look and act like new.

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