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Before garage doors became electronic, many people had to pull or push theirs open and shut. In many storage communities, this is still the case today, though the storage areas tend to be much smaller than a garage. It wouldn’t be so easy to open one of today’s garage doors by hand, considering that doors have gotten a lot bigger and heavier.

But that’s why we have remotes! They’re almost universal, being either black or white with a gray rectangle-shaped button, and we leave them in our cars all the time. It’s understandable, why we’d want to leave them in our cars, but it’s also a security risk in itself. Leaving a garage door opener on, say, the front seat, simply just says “go rob my garage too, it’s fine!” It’s important to find an obscure or hard-to-reach section of your car to keep your opener in. When you’ve parked for the day, if outside your garage, it’s a good idea to take the opener inside with you. Leave it by the door with your keys, so you’ll remember to put it in the car for the day.

Another good thing to keep in mind with your opener is not only its batteries, but also how well-tuned it is to your garage door. If you press it, and the door doesn’t open, check the batteries first. If you know that maybe you got the remote wet or accidentally threw it at something, then that’s a sign you’ve damaged the remote. When that happens, there’s no need to panic. The remote can easily be re-calibrated by Garage Door Doctors.

If the damage seems to be with the garage door, that isn’t an issue either. Garage Door Doctors can check both the garage door and its opener to make sure that everything is working together as it should. Not being able to get into your garage is a pain, and one that needs to be resolved quickly. Thankfully, for quick and reliable garage door work, Garage Door Doctors is the best choice in Houston.

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