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Sliding Glass Door Locks FAQs

How do you fix a sliding glass door lock?

Mortise locks are the most common type of outdoor or indoor patio lock. These locks are secure, but they’re also prone to breaking and bending after time. If your sliding glass door lock breaks, the best solution is usually to replace it.

Start by removing the mortise lock and handle from your patio door. There are often small screws inside holding the lock and handle to the door. Once the lock is off, look for bends or damage in the latch to determine where the problem is. If the latch is too bent, you might have to replace it with a new mortise lock.

What is the best lock for a sliding glass door?

While we chose the locks in our lineup to fit different situations, the best lock for your sliding door depends on your situation. Keep your kids and pets out of trouble by installing your new lock out of their reach high up on the doorframe.

If you want to keep intruders out, look for locks that can resist tampering and lock picking. Locks with keys are often the most secure and hardest to break. Adding multiple locks can provide further security.

How do you secure a sliding glass door?

Aside from investing in quality locks, you can protect your sliding glass door with shatterproof film, a glass break sensor, or a door brace. And old hinges are easy to tamper with, so replace seasoned hinges and consider adding additional ones.

Front porch camera surveillance is often a no-brainer, but in order to avoid overlooking major home security weaknesses out back, consider installing a backyard security camera system for added security.

How do you lock a sliding glass door from the outside?

It’s generally best to keep locks for sliding glass doors on the inside. But if you want to install one on the outside, get a lock that opens only with a key. There are plenty of ways to secure a sliding glass door from the outside and inside.

Are there smart locks for sliding glass doors?

Yes, but they’re expensive and require much more installation expertise. The Padiolok, for example, uses keyless entry through a keypad and a passcode. If you’re willing to drop the near $200 for this lock, we recommend it.

We didn’t include this smart lock in our main lineup because of the vast price difference.


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