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Personal Alarm System

Personal Alarm System

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Old Age’s Best Friend: Personal Alarm System

Summary: Personal alarm systems are really a blessing for the old, so as freedom from responsibility and burden. Don’t let your health take it away from you.

Just when you’re suddenly free of the burdens and responsibilities of life so does your health desert you? So you take extra precautionary measures that at the end of the day you found out that what you did all day was –sitting on the porch peacefully. You deserve better living and enjoyment than this. If you agree on me with this then definitely read on.

Old age weakens muscles and bones, there’s no denying in that. So you take up aerobics, do some early morning strolls and complement with Tai Chi. So you are in your fittest form. But still you fall. Still you find yourself needing medical assistance now and then. Dreadful diseases start to surface like diabetes. You need help only that you are independent.

What you need is a personal alarm system. Truly it is the old age’s best companion. With a touch of a button, help is on the way. In severe cases, the panic button work wonders. Some models even monitor heartbeat rate and other body statistics. It’s like having a miniaturized medical center on your possession.

Lifeline® is one of the personal alarm systems that really care. Even if you can’t answer, Lifeline sends help at once. Even if the individual that needs help isn’t you, whether it is a neighbor, family member or ambulance, Lifeline will send the help you need right away. And trained personal response associates who have instant access to your complete profile and critical information will contact you immediately to see what help you need. This could be the personal alarm system that you need. If you’re interested to check them out, call 1-800-380-3111.

Some personal alarm systems offers a bit more, just like ResponseLink. Also a 24/7 emergency it also provides mundane routine monitoring like medication which is often forgotten, daily check-in and wellness verification, medication compliance monitoring, daily health reminders and verification monitoring like blood pressure and insulin, wake-up call / check-in. ResponseLink is monitoring fee is $34.95 per month including the two way voice equipment needed for the response. A one-time enrollment fee of $50.00 serves as the initial payment. If you are interested to seek their services, contact them at 800-894-1428 or you could log on their website:

Because monthly fees that monitoring services charge can be a burden for the elderly, there are also those models that could do fine without monitoring service. The Panic Button & Medical Alarm Auto Dialer gives you and your loved ones peace of mind by automatically dialing up to 9 phone numbers you pre-select at the press of the “panic” button. Once the Emergency Medical Alarm Auto Dialer dials a number, it plays a maximum of 40-second recorded message before going on the next list, ensuring all the pre-selected numbers are notified. Since you will be buying the whole equipment, the cost for this is $240. Interesting? Check it out at

Either which choice you make is fine, but don’t sacrifice your safety for a dime. Personal alarm systems are really a blessing for the old, so as freedom from responsibility and burden. Don’t let your health take it away from you.


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