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Private Security

In the past few years, a number of police security officers were caught involved in a number of crimes and felonies. Some were proven suspects for the killings and robberies, the reason that most of the companies and agencies in both public and private sectors are now a bit uncomfortable with having security officers who happened to be police officers. Well, it is situation actually which brought up the concept of “private security”.

Private security has been around for years now. To some degree, the concept refers to the hiring of people willing to take the role of private security guards. Unlike the public security, people who are working in this field are not tax-supported. They are paid by businesses, homeowners and communities around the world which believe that the tax-supported police once proposed by the governments for security operations are not that effective for safeguarding the people’s properties.

According to some reports, there are a number of factors that trigger people to consider and prefer private security. Many have believed that the concept came out as the public’s reaction to the failure of the government to cope with the rising crime.

The ever growing preference for private security is so common in the United States since the past few years. It was noted that in 1970 alone, 1.4 public police were reported to be employed for each private security guard in the United States. At present, three private security officers are now assigned for each public one, and several reports have revealed that in the state of California alone, the ratio has reached four to one.

Well, private security is not just becoming so common in the United States, although Americans are now spending about $90 billion on private security in just a year, while only $40 billion are spent on police. The truth is that several other countries in the world are also considering the trend. Canada, United Kingdom and Australia are just few of them. It is interesting to know that in these countries, roughly twice as many private security guards are employed as public police.

The trend is also popular in extremely ungovernable areas in the world, such as South Africa and Russia, where there are at least ten times as many private-security guards as public police officers. Yes, that’s what most reports have noted, and this rate is expected to rise in the coming years.

Today, private security is becoming so common. Not only are the businesses, communities and homeowners are considering private security, but also the governments. So don’t be surprised when you hear reports about the growing numbers of private security for as to date, licenses are already released for this ever growing trend.

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