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Ring Alarm Home Security System Review

Protection From Home Invasions

Ring Alarm Home Security System Review

Ring Alarm home security system FAQ

Do I get a refund if I pay for a year of professional monitoring but cancel early?

You are eligible for a refund if you cancel an annual Ring Protect Plan subscription during the first ten months of the subscription. Ring will charge you the monthly subscription price for every month you used the service. After that, any remaining funds will be refunded. If you cancel the plan after the tenth month, there is no refund available.

Does Ring Alarm work with my existing security cameras?

Only if your current cameras are from Ring. If you want video monitoring with your Ring Alarm system, you can get it with a Ring security camera or Ring smart doorbell as part of the Ring Protect Plus plan. Because you can control multiple Ring devices in the Ring app you’ll only need to go to one source to monitor both your cameras and your Ring Alarm system.

Does Ring Alarm still work if my power goes out or I lose my Wi-Fi network connection?

The Ring Alarm security system has built-in battery backup in case you lose power. The battery backup should give you about twenty-four hours of power. For those who have a Ring Protect Plus plan, the Ring Alarm also has cellular backup.

Can I get a discount on my homeowners insurance with Ring Alarm?

Yes. Ring provides alarm certificates that customers can provide to their insurance company for a discount. The certificate can be downloaded online.

  • Log into your Ring account
  • Click the menu icon in the top left corner (it looks like three lines)
  • Click on Location Settings
  • Click on Monitoring
  • Click on Certificate
  • Download or print the certificate

What about Ring working with police departments?

There have been a number of reports about Ring partnering with police departments to give away free or discounted Ring video doorbells. The push to work with police came after Amazon purchased Ring.

At first glance this looks like a proactive move by a security company to get security devices into more homes. But there has been fallout related to privacy concerns and access to personal video footage captured on the Ring doorbell cams.

Part of the partnership between Ring and police departments includes police encouraging people to install Ring video doorbells and then agree to share video footage in the event of a neighborhood crime.

Residents don’t have to give the police access to their camera’s footage, but Forbes reported that law enforcement “can request the footage directly from Amazon if it has been uploaded to the cloud and the request is sent within 60 days of recording—even if you deny police access to footage.”

As of the end of February 2020, there were more than 400 police departments working with Amazon and Ring. Learn more about Ring’s police partnerships on our full page of Ring FAQ.

The partnerships also extend to Ring’s Neighbors app, where citizens and law enforcement can share suspicious activity or report criminal behavior that’s observed or captured on a Ring camera. You don’t have to buy a Ring product to use the app, and you can still see what neighbors and police are posting even if your home is Ring-free.

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