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Safety Equipment You Didn’t Know You Needed | Wild Redhead Homestead


Safety Equipment Review:

Garage Defender (#garagedefender) The Garage Defender prevents people from manual releasing the garage door opener and lifting the door up. Most burglaries begin with the burglar going through the garage door. This tool is perfect to keep the bad guys out. It makes it that much harder for a criminal to gain access to your home. The basic version of the Garage Defender is simple to install and can be done in less than 30 seconds. I love it for my storage unit. No more worries here. Check out for more information.

Source: Safety-Equipment You Didn’t Know You Needed | Wild Redhead Homestead

This is a review for the Garage Shield (formerly Garage Defender), published on Wild Redhead Homestead. The garage shield is an anti-theft device that installs the garage door to block thieves from releasing the door from the track with a hanger or hook. What valuables are in your garage? Protect your home with the Garage Shield today.


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