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Security Camera Surveillance

When I was a teenager, I had a crash course in security camera surveillance thanks to a girl I knew. Though I didn’t know this girl very well, we hung out with the same people. She had gone into a small corner gas station and tried to shoplift a candy bar. Not only did she get caught, she got into a whole lot of trouble. It seemed like a lot of fuss over a $.50 candy bar, but I guess that was what was coming to her. What was frustrating was that she seemed to learn very little from this incident. As soon as everything was clear, she went on to a different store and stole again.

What was worrisome about this was that she didn’t seem to learn anything. We lived in a very small town and security camera surveillance was not common there. Most of the time when you were caught shoplifting you were caught by the owner of the store or another customer who saw you steal firsthand. It seemed that there were a lot of bored teenagers in my town because petty theft in the stores was very common. Many stores do not rely on security camera surveillance because there were so many adults around who would indeed turn in a child who has stolen something.

What worried me about this girl was that she was leaving town and moving to a very urban area. She didn’t seem to understand that stealing was wrong, and she also didn’t seem to understand that where she was moving was a more modern place to live. This meant that even the smallest store in the smallest neighborhood would have security camera surveillance. If she got away with shoplifting again it would be a miracle. She also didn’t understand that security camera surveillance for something that could be used to make sure she got into a lot of trouble. It would no longer be her word against that of the store owners.

A few years ago I worked for a grocery store, and when we began working they showed us the room that was set aside for security camera surveillance. Though I knew this store was full of security cameras, I had no idea how far or how intrusive they really work. As a demonstration, they showed us how the security camera surveillance worked in the parking lot. If someone were to steal something from the store, there were cameras that could zoom in to catch their license plate if the managed to leave the store before being apprehended. When I saw how well the security camera surveillance systems worked, I began to wonder how often people were being spied on when they thought they were alone in their cars or having private conversations outside. It is something to think about.

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