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Security of the Brinks Home Security System

Security of the Brinks Home Security System

Home security system is one of the major concerns when it comes to security. All in all, the home is the first place that we want to feel secured – a sacred abode that we want both to have comfort and safety. The Brinks Home Security System understands this call.

The Brinks Home Security System is a reliable security system for homes offering up- to- date technological solutions for your home’s security. Its system equipments passes through a thorough consumer products design and testing and are also UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories testing) certified as standard and quality home security system. And not only that the Brinks security products are reliable, the Brinks Home Security System is also affordable, being recently rated as “Consumer Digest” ‘Best Buy’ with its standard security system installation starting at only $99 and its premium security system at $205 – on target for any family of any size of income. And the Brinks Home Security System is also user-friendly. Its easy to use alarm system turns the ‘on’ button at a simple one-touch, requires only an uncomplicated numeric code for disarming, and applies comprehensible keypad use for the various functions of the security system. Easy use for kids and seniors – the system also includes 3 special buttons to have Brinks direct you to medical, fire, or police assistance. Any questions? – Not to worry about a single thing. The Brinks Home Security System is recognized for its superior customer care service, and, its 24-hour 7-days-a-week alarm monitoring operations.

The Brinks Home Security team remains to be trained and trusted with their dedication to prompt emergency response whatever day or season. The Brinks Home Alarm monitoring professionals specifically are awarded as life savers and protectors of about a million homes and keeps committed to its JD Power & Associates and Consumer Digest Awards and Recognition.

Best of all, the Brinks Home Security System is devoted always to bring ease of mind to its highly-valued customers with their continuous home security equipment updates – Standard or Premium Alarm Key Pads, Master Control Panel transmitting to the Brinks Central Monitoring Center, Interior and/or Exterior Siren, Smoke/Heat Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Heat or Temperature Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Motion Detector, Door/Window (Opening) Sensors, Glass-Break Detector, Flex Switch (window and glass break detector), Telephone (Additional Keypad) Control Module, Smart Key Wireless Security System Remote Control, Weatherproof Strobe Light for locating your home, and even Brinks (Protected Home) Warning Yard Signs.

With all these, you’re sure to have Brinks always on your side to help protect your home and your family.

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