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Simple Home Security Products

Simple Home Security Products

Home security products range from inanimate objects to animals to detailed automated systems that control almost everything in the home. Burglars and thieves typically choose easy targets. Anything that makes it less easy to access a home or property is a potential deterrent.

Simple home security products include yard signs and window decals declaring that an alarm system is in use when it really isn’t. Fake security cameras work the same way. Realistic looking fake security cameras give the impression that the area is under surveillance.

Plants can be home security products when placed in a way that deters burglars and trespassers. Sharp plants that are good for planting around the boundary of home and yard include Berberis, Chaenomeles, Gorse, Sea Buckthorn, and shrub roses.
Prickly hedges are also excellent home security products. Typical ones include Hawthorn, Holly, and Rosa Rugosa.
Some homeowners purchase ‘beware of dog’ signs to imply that a guard dog is on the premises. Depending on local law, posting a ‘beware of dog’ sign if a dog is present can still result in legal issues if the dog bites someone.
Just the presence of outdoor dogs is often enough to alert homeowners of the presence of potential intruders. Dogs that do not appear to be friendly, even if they are, are also an added deterrent.

Geese make excellent outdoor alarms. They can also require more care than inanimate home security products.
Outdoor home security products include lights with motion sensors attached. These lights are activated by motion. Mounting them near the garage, front porch and other areas will deter potential burglars.

Some motion detection lighting can be set to make allowances for outdoor pets. Some versions of the motion detector lighting works on a heat sensor. Pets and small animals do not set it off while humans contain enough body heat to activate the sensor.

Simple, portable door and window alarms are available. These are actually portable and can used in hotel rooms, etc. This type of alarm can easily be attached to outbuildings such as garden sheds. A loud alarm activates if someone tries the door.

Indoor home security products include individual alarms and protection devices and complete home security packages.
Individual home security products include safes, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors and door and window sensors.

Using a safe, large or small, for the storage of important documents is a simple home security product solution. Collectors will find a sturdy safe valuable in protecting stamps, coins and other small items. Large safes are also available and more expensive.

Chest type freezers can be utilized for the protection of documents stored in tight, waterproof containers. Writers have long shared the habit of putting computer disks and even entire manuscripts in the freezer for protection in case of fire. Freezers won’t provide the protection that a high degree rated safe will, but they do provide some protection.
Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can now be purchased in one combination unit. Some feature emergency lighting to help light exit routes in case of emergencies. Wireless units can be easily installed and run on battery.
Simple home security products do not have to cost a lot or require professional installation. Homeowners can utilize plants, pets and other solutions to add a layer of protection around property.

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