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Street vs Garage Parking | Garage Door Doctor

Obviously, at Garage Door Doctors, we want you to park in your garage! Still, there are a surprising amount of people who prefer to park on the street as opposed to their garage. Maybe it’s because their garage functions as an extra living space, or is just too full with storage to also house a car. Maybe there just isn’t enough room for the multiple cars a family might have.

Parking on the street in Houston varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. There are some you can’t park in at all if you can’t prove that you live there, and others that only allow you to do it during certain hours of the day. Of course, the orientation of the car is the same everywhere — which might be the only consistent thing about parking! In some cities, they do street cleaning during the night, and if your car is out there, you’ll get a fine for impeding the cleaners.

Of course, sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you have three cars, and a two-car garage, it’s natural the leftover car will be parked outside. During parties, everyone coming over is more likely to be parked up and down the street. That’s understandable, but what about not? What’s keeping you from using your garage?

While parking your car on the street doesn’t automatically mean someone will be tempted, it’s a lot easier for potential thieves to go after cars that are right in the open like that. Many people tend to be careless as well, and often forget to lock their car. When it comes to safety and protection, keeping a car in the garage is always the best option. If, however, your garage is too cluttered — think about it. What matters more to you, your car or the stuff you’ve thrown into the garage?

Sometimes it has to be done, but it’s always best to park in your garage rather than on the street.

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