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The 10 Best Slatwall Accessories for Your Garage

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The 10 Best Slatwall Accessories for Your Garage

The 10 Best Slatwall Accessories for Your Garage

Did you know that almost 1 in 4 Americans say that their garage is too cluttered to fit a car? You can easily skip the clutter by investing in a stylish slatwall garage paneling. Not only do slatwall accessories improve the look and cleanliness of your garage, but you’ll have the peace of mind of a decluttered space.

slatwall accessories

Whether you have a slatwall already or are looking to get one, your first concern should be planning the layout.

Overall, what do you really need to hang? Cluttering items for your garage might be vacuums, cleaning supplies, car tires, bikes, chairs, tables, and other items that make your garage filthy. The rule of thumb when organizing your garage is aiming to free the garage floor of all items.

Here are the following 10 best slatwall accessories that’ll get everything you need off the ground, and more importantly, organized.

1. Slatwall Bike Hooks

What’s one of the most common items that take up the most space in a garage? Bikes. Especially if you have more than one bike, keeping them off the garage floor is the easiest way to waste space. One of the best ways to get rid of those bikes is to hang them up on the slatwall with bike hooks. Simple plug the hooks in and you’ll have enough strength to hold even heavy mountain bikes.

If you’re going to be hanging your bikes up on the wall, you’ll want to make sure you apply some padding where the bike tires meet the slatwall. Quickly loading and unloading bikes can cause the wheel to rub off onto the wall causing ugly black streaks along the wall. Simple foam pads will do just the trick.

If you’re looking for more space on your slatwall, you can use the vertical space in your garage to hang your bikes up too. Try installing vertical J hooks onto the roof of your garage, and voila, you’ve saved even more space!

2. Reach-In Storage Bins

If your garage is also your hobby space, installing reach-in storage bins on your slatwall might be your best option yet. Keeping your valuable pieces at arms reach like fasteners and other plastic pieces.

garage slatwall accessories

A reach-in storage bin is the best option for plastic fasteners or other frequently used parts that are fine to be out in the open. Go with a plastic bin and simply attach it to the wall and you’re ready to go. There are endless different options when it comes to how you decide to hang plastic bins on your slatwall.

3. Tip-Out Storage Bins

Tip-out storage bins are just like reach-in bins, however, the contents inside the bin are hidden. These bins work better for sharp objects or things that can’t be out in the open directly.

These types of bins are perfect for being right next to the garage workbench, where you have easy access.

4. Wire Baskets

Did you know that some old convenience stores use slatwall wire baskets on their end-cap aisles? These wire baskets are versatile and easy to hold virtually anything in your garage.

You can use it to hold sports equipment, oil canisters, shoes, water bottles, and virtually anything that you want access to in a pinch.

5. Ladder Hooks

What’s the largest item in your home that barely used, but necessary to have? If you guessed a ladder, you’d be right. If your ladder is taking up tons of space, try using 3 strong wide hooks to hold your ladder up on your slatwall.

organized garage

Having your ladder hung up neatly on your garage wall makes your garage have an overall clean, organized look. Don’t let your ladder take up space on the floor.

6. Lawn & Garden Rack

Keeping your outdoor landscaping, lawn and garden clean and tidy are important. But where do you store all the equipment?

For your slatwall, you can try a hook, rack, and basket slatwall combo, where you can hang up large items like snow shovels and rakes, and use the basket and rack to hold smaller items like lawn sprinklers and various sprays.

7. Sports-Related Rack

Are you a sports lover, but hate having tons of things occupy your garage floor when they’re out of season? Try sectioning out a wall on your slatwall for various baskets, racks, and hooks that’ll keep all your things clean and tidy.

Looking for some ideas? Use heavy-duty single hooks to hold up golf bags by the strap. Shelves are great for holding up roller skates and helmets, while a single small hook can hold up tennis rackets vertically. Hold up skis and snowboards vertically or horizontally depending on your space by using single or double hooks.

8. Can & Bottle Shelf

Try thinking of all the different types of cans and bottles you have or should have in your garage. Cleaning supplies, weed killers, bug spray, spray paint, the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someplace where all your bottles were together in one easy place?

Slatwalls are perfect for holding hazardous chemicals because you can adjust the height to keep it out of reach of children and pets. Simply install a rack or wire basket and fill it up.

9. Fire Extinguisher Holder

Even with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and good awareness, accidents happen. So long as your garage is insulated, having a fire extinguisher in your garage is a great idea for larger fires.

fire extinguisher in garage

Fire extinguishers should be held at least 3-3 1/2 feet above the ground, and a slatwall basket or hook will do just fine. In a pinch, you’ll have easy and reliable access to your fire extinguisher. Just don’t forget how to use it!

10. Paper Towel Dispenser

When working outside, things can get a little dirty. With a simple long horizontal hook, you can create an easy paper towel dispenser in the garage for those not-so-clean jobs in the garage or yard.

A paper towel dispenser in your garage is a great slatwall accessory to keep you from going inside and making the kitchen paper towels dirty. Plus, it’s always handy.

Get a Slatwall in Your New Garage

Keeping your garage organized is easier said than done. So why complicate it with having to install cabinets, shelves, or other hardware? A slatwall allows you to easily hook and unhook items to the wall while looking great.

Now that you’ve considered the interior of the garage, have you thought about the exterior structure? If your garage is past its prime, you can count on Danley’s to build you the garage of your dreams – get a free quote now.

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