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The Best Medical Alert Systems for Fall Detection

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The Best Medical Alert Systems for Fall Detection

MyNotifi: Best independent alarm

MyNotifi is the only device on our list that isn’t associated with a medical alert system. Instead, this stand-alone fall detection system uses a belt clip (no belt required), waterproof wristband, and your smartphone to watch for falls and stumbles. 

Without professional monitoring, you won’t have to pay monthly bills for a MyNotifi system. It also means your loved ones get notifications directly to their smartphones when you need help. Think of MyNotifi as a direct link to your children, grandchildren, neighbors, or any other emergency contacts you have. 

MyNotifi requires a one-time payment for the fall detection system instead of a monthly subscription.

The On-the-Go system costs $199, while the Around-the-Home system costs $229.

The former requires a smartphone because the device connects to an app that allows you to communicate with your loved ones. Around-the-Home doesn’t need a smartphone because it acts more like a standard at-home medical alert system. 

MyNotifi comes with a few fun features too. Within the app, you can also find mobility exercises for strength and range of motion. You can also get the wristband and belt clip in different colors to fit your style (goodbye stuffy, clinical panic buttons).

Why we recommend MyNotifi 

MyNotifi is a modern, budget-friendly alternative to fall detection attached to a medical alert system. It’s the simple, stand-alone solution that cuts out the middleman and reaches your loved ones directly.

Technically, the MyNotifi fall detection system isn’t part of a larger medical alert company, so we had to place it at the bottom.

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