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The Complete Backyard Safety Checklist

Protection From Home Invasions

The Complete Backyard Safety Checklist

The backyard is a popular spot in the summer, particularly if you enjoy entertaining. While guests hang out on the patio, your kids and their friends cartwheel in the grass, twirl on the swings, or jump into the pool. The scent of grilled burgers and hotdogs fills the air as dragonflies dart and the dog waits for table scraps.

It’s an idyllic scene and one that shatters all too easily. Backyards can contain many hazards, ranging from poisonous plants and pesticides to grills and lawn mowers. If left unattended, they can put guests, kids, pets, and your home itself at risk.

Fortunately, the dangers can be addressed and surmounted with this handy checklist. Use it to improve backyard safety so you can get back to grilling, chatting, and playing your game of croquet.

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