The Importance of Garage Door Weather Stripping

In an earlier blog, we talked about the importance of insulating your garage door, even here in the Houston area. Keeping your garage temperature at a reasonable level is important not only, when you enter and exit your car, but also if you use your garage for a workshop or playroom. An essential item used in conjunction with your insulation is the bottom door weather stripping. This simple item is vital when it comes to proper garage door service as well as maintaining a suitable environment within your garage itself.

Garage door weather stripping is a formed piece of rubber or silica material that runs along the bottom of your garage door and seals the door against outside elements. Here are some important garage door weather stripping functions.

1. First and foremost, garage door weather stripping seals the door against the pavement and helps prevent cold air from entering in the winter and hot air from entering in the summer. It is the weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door that prevents rain and storm debris from washing under your door and into your garage. The seal maintains close contact with the ground beneath the door and helps protect your garage against the elements.

2. Properly working garage door weather stripping closes your door tightly against the ground when the door is in the down position. The seal prevents insect and other small pests from sneaking under your door and into your garage. This obstacle helps keep your garage clean and bug-free.

3. Occasionally, the weather kicks up dust, tree leaves, and other debris. When the wind blows against your door, a correctly installed weather strip can prevent loose material from finding its way into your garage. The experts at the Garage Door Doctor can properly install weather stripping on your door which will protect your garage from unwanted particles and debris.

4. A good seal at the base of your garage door also helps to keep out smoke and fumes that may occasionally drift around your home. While this may not occur frequently, when it does these obnoxious odors are things you certainly want to keep out of your garage. Garage door weather stripping helps keep out the worst things in the air.



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