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This is Why You Never Leave Your Garage Door Open Overnight

Protection From Home Invasions

This is Why You Never Leave Your Garage Door Open Overnight

For whatever reason, some homeowners decide that it’s OK to leave the garage door opened while unattended.

This careless action can lead to a variety of nasty consequences, especially if you have an attached garage. A solid garage door is your first line of defense against unwanted intruders, ranging from people to small animals, preventing serious problems from occurring because you didn’t take the time to shut the garage door.

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Protect Your Garage, Protect Your Home


Sometimes, garage doors are left open because of warm weather. IF you’re working in a garage that doesn’t have air conditioning or ventilation, the interior of the garage can become a sweat lodge, making it extremely uncomfortable for anyone inside.

Opening the door while your working isn’t the issue. Keeping it open while you’re not inside the garage – perhaps to use the restroom or grab a quick refreshment – can lead to small animals making themselves welcome. All it takes is a few moments.

The workers at the Grissom Building in Columbia, Missouri, have experienced this problem. Their garage workspace isn’t equipped with air conditioning, forcing them to keep the garage door open for air flow. As a result, David Nichols, an assistant public works director who works for the city, noted that “you have to be careful – there may be a bird flying above while you have food out.”

No Honor Among Thieves

Just because you live in a nice neighbourhood doesn’t mean that thieves aren’t present, looking around for an easy target. In fact, Calgary police released a special statement about keeping garage doors open and vehicles running unattended, both of which attract thieves.

A neighbourhood in Concord, California also dealt with this problem. A neighbourhood report stated that, after leaving their garage door open accidentally overnight, they noticed items missing, with the thief or thieve leaving cabinets open, showing that the perpetrator rifled through the contents in an attempt to find valuable items.

Security Hazard

One of the most extreme examples of what can happen when you leave your garage open is home invasion. Police from Lexington, Kentucky reported a woman scaring off a home invader, who gained access to the abode through an open garage door. In this case, the woman ended up safe after suffering this scare. However, police stressed that homeowners should keep their garage doors closed, considering the string of break-ins experienced.

All it takes is a moment of carelessness for an open garage door to become a hazard. Take the extra time to close your garage door, even if you’re gone for a few moments.

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