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To Replace or to Repair?

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To Replace or to Repair?

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve lived in your house for a while, the question of purchasing a new garage door or replacing it weighs on everyone’s mind. What about cost? What about appearances? It’s hard to know where to begin.

When purchasing a new garage door, one of the biggest pros is being able to choose exactly what you want. If you didn’t like the appearance of the old one, you can fix that! However, this pro can turn into a con, and it may be more expensive than simply repairing. If the garage door itself is damaged, and it’s severe, it’s probably best to get a new one. The damage may be too much for a repair. In addition, a new garage door will help raise the property values, if you’re preparing to sell. However, it can sometimes take a while to get a new garage door put in, so if timeliness is an issue, this is another con. If you don’t have a standard-size garage door either, it might be better to repair. Overall, if the damage is severe or you’re not concerned about cost, then a new garage door is what’s best.

When considering garage door repair, one of the pros of this option is cost! Depending on the type of repair you need done, it will be more cost-effective to repair rather than buy a new one.  You may not even need a repair on the door, but on the garage door opener. If there’s surface damage, like a dent or a scratch, then a repair can be more easily done than a full replacement. Again, if you have a custom-sized garage door, it will be easier to repair it than it would trying to find the exact size you have. However, if you have severe damage or you’re worried about your garage door technology not being up to date, then repair quickly becomes a con. Overall, if the damage is minor or you have a speciality garage door, repairing it may be the best way to go.

There are a lot of pros and cons involved in each option, butIt can still be hard to figure out what you should do about your garage door, though, so if you’re stuck, reach out to Garage Door Doctor for help in determining the best option for you.

Finding the right Garage Door Company

Garage doors are one of the most important factors in a homeowner’s life, even though we may not think about it. It’s where we store our cars (and other belongings) as well as being one of our first lines of security. If something happens to your garage door, and you can’t fix it, what do you do next?

Look for a good garage door repair company, of course. But what makes a good garage door repair company? There are a lot of different factors to consider in this important process like the cost, or the company’s reputation, or maybe even if there’s a company close to you! The best thing to do is pick the factors most important to you, and make your choice based on that.

Maybe you’ve already considered a company, but you’re not sure yet. Here are some things you might consider:

#1 – Transparency — The moment you contact the company, they should be able to explain the full details of any options about your garage door they offer. This is your garage door, your home, so you need to be in the know during the entire process. Even if you think you can’t understand what the technician may be doing, they should still explain what they’ve done. That way, when you get the bill afterwards, you can be comfortable knowing exactly what you’ve been charged for.

#2 – Reputation — You don’t want to work with a company that seems untrustworthy, especially when it’s about the security of your home and garage. Is everyone you talk to at the company friendly? Do you feel safe allowing them to come do repairs? It’s a very good idea to look at customer reviews and the company’s website, if they have one. This can go hand-in-hand with the previous point, because the more open a company is about everything, often they’ll have a good reputation.

#3 – Cost — You may not know the average price for garage door repair, but that’s okay! The company should explain all options for your garage door repair, and with that, mention the expected cost. It can be tempting to go with the least expensive company you can find. However, keeping the previous points in mind — is it okay to sacrifice full knowledge of everything happening or a good reputation for a lower price? It shouldn’t have to be. The company can be cost-effective, in addition to transparency and trustworthiness.

It’s an overwhelming process as a homeowner, but finding a good garage door repair company in Katy, Texas is easy enough. Garage Door Doctor is here for you.

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