Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

There are many types of fire alarm systems readily available on the market. All types of fire alarm systems have essential function in detecting and containing fires. Some types of fire alarm systems are interfaced with an auto dialer that will automatically notify the fire department and emergency rescue personnel in an event of fire.
Wired fire alarm systems are of three types. These are the “conventional” fire alarm system, “addressable” fire alarm system and the “analogue addressable” fire alarm system.
The conventional types of fire alarm systems are composed of a number of detectors and call points. These fire detectors and call points are all wired and connected to the fire alarm system control panel by zones. These zones help identify where the fire started or where the fire is located. An audible alarm system is also connected to the control panel which gives off an alarm (usually a very loud bell) in an event of fire
One of the other types of fire alarm systems is the addressable fire alarm system. These systems are very much the same with the conventional fire alarm system. However these systems can pinpoint the exact location of the fire, unlike the conventional system wherein the location of the fire is determined by zone. The control panel of this fire alarm system is programmed to provide specific information when a particular detector is activated. The sounders or audible alarms of these systems are similar to the conventional ones.
Analogue addressable fire alarm systems are more recognized as “The Intelligent Fire Alarm” type of system. There is also a number of types of analogue fire alarm system determined by operational procedure. Analogue fire alarm systems are more complex and consist of more components than the other types of fire alarm systems. This is to determine and avoid false fire alarms from occurring.
Some fire alarm systems have fire sprinkler systems, automatic detection system, evacuation system and environmental monitoring. The fire sprinkler system prevents the fire from burning out of control. Most of the time, the sprinkler system puts out the fire. The automatic detection system is composed of smoke and heat sensors which detects the fire. The evacuation system is composed of horn strobes, strobe units and manual pull stations. These are designed to set off audible and visual warnings. The environmental monitoring system is an alternative type of fire detection system. These systems use the standard fire devices and are wired and connected to environmental sensors.
Always consult the local fire prevention agency if you need advice on what type of fire alarm system you want to install in your home or establishment.


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