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Understand These Garage Door Myths

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Understand These Garage Door Myths

While you might not think about your garage door a great deal, it represents a significant part of your home’s appearance as well as being a specialized piece of equipment. Before tackling some mechanical repair on your garage door, consider the following four garage door myths. Whether you’re buying a new garage door, purchasing a new home, or repairing your existing door, understanding these four garage door myths will keep you on the right track.

Myth Number One: If you’re handy with tools you can fix your garage doors torsion springs yourself.

Don’t try it. Attempting to work on your garage doors torsion springs is not only a very difficult and specialized task it could even be dangerous if not performed properly. These springs function under high tension and should only be maintained by a trained professional, such as one of our fully-trained technicians at the Garage Door Doctor. Even if you are a decent mechanic, leave garage door service to the pros.

Myth Number Two: Garage doors are not dangerous.

Many people do not recognize that a garage door is a high-powered piece of specialized equipment, is much heavier than many realize, and must be treated carefully and safely. Even with today’s safety equipment, a loose and falling garage door can present a significant threat. Again, performing garage door service is a job for professionals.

Myth Number Three: Garage door openers are unnecessary.

Even though Houston weather is not as cold as in some parts of the country, it can be raining and storming as much as anywhere. Coming home after a long day and having to step out of your car in one of Houston’s brutal storms, then manually opening your garage door will quickly leave you soaked and frustrated. It’s a good demonstration of just how vital a garage door opener can be. Not only that, when your family and children arrive home late at night, having a garage door opener means they will not have to get out of their car in the dark.

Myth Number Four: Garage doors can operate maintenance free.

Once again, garage doors are pieces of specialized, heavy equipment you use almost daily. They are convenient and, for the most part, function flawlessly. Nevertheless, equipment wears down, parts break, and components get out of line. Typically, garage doors should be evaluated at least once a year and any service that’s required should be carried out. The Garage Door Doctor is here to provide you with the highest quality garage door service available.


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