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Upgrading Your Security System

Upgrading Your Security System

When security systems hit the market, you probably felt pretty secure and thought you were one of the elite who could afford such a system. The problem is that many of these systems are horribly outdated and won’t protect your home the way many of the newer systems will. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

In fact, there are so many new advancements in home security these days that you really don’t want to be stuck with an older system that probably won’t protect you anymore. What about things like keyless entry or even thumb-print entry? Did your old system have something like that? These days, you can really set up your home with the latest technology in security, including wireless systems and home-based hidden cameras. Crime rates aren’t getting any better and having the latest in security systems in your home is a definite must.

One of my favorite new security gadgets is the wireless infrared camera. This system watches over my home, whether I’m at home asleep or on vacation. These kinds of cameras really perform and I wouldn’t be without at least one to guard my home. The amazing thing is that these cameras can be monitored from your laptop computer. Isn’t that unbelievable? There is software available that you can download onto your laptop and it has a link to your home wireless security system. You control everything and can see what’s really going on around the home. If you purchase a hidden wireless camera, you really need to get the computer software, too. It adds a lot to your entire security program.

And what about these other gadgets out there – gadgets like double-layered home window glass, which is lined inside with Plexiglas? Any burglar who attempts a home entry by breaking through a window will be really surprised by the fact that he can’t get through the Plexiglas layer. Your home will be practically impenetrable with these kinds of systems. You can feel extra-secure with a set of those windows in your house.

I personally love the latest camera systems available for use in security. Many of the systems are completely wireless so you can watch almost any part of your house and yard from almost anywhere without the expense and annoyance of wires. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many of these cameras in your home. You can set them up so they see all areas of the house or yard from practically every imaginable angle. These cameras hook up to your laptop or other computer so you could actually be in your workplace while monitoring your home at the same time. It’s almost unbelievable. You can use motion detectors that are situated so that a camera will take an immediate picture of something whenever it triggers the motion sensor.

These new devices are all part of a brand new age in security packages that far outstrip the initial home security systems available even a few years ago. So think about upgrading and go onto the Internet to search the available upgrades for your system. If you don’t see an upgrade you like, consider scrapping the one you have and starting over with a brand new security system.

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