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Vivint Home Security Review 2020

Protection From Home Invasions

Vivint Home Security Review 2020

During the pandemic, we’re all being more cautious about having people in our homes. Here are some tips to keep you and the tech installing your Vivint system safe during COVID-19.

Talk about it. Let technicians know your household’s exposure to the coronavirus and ask about theirs.

Go contactless. Find out if things like payments and signatures can be provided electronically.

Ask about precautions. Will the tech be wearing a face mask and gloves? Do they want your household members to do the same? Work these details out in advance so everyone’s prepared.

Keep it separated. If you have multiple people at home, corral them into one room during the visit, if possible.

Provide protection. Have soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant at the ready. Invite the installer to wash their hands before and after their work, and disinfect the faucet and basin after they leave.

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