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What Happens to My ADT-monitored Security System if I Move?

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What Happens to My ADT-monitored Security System if I Move?

What Happens to My Security System if I Move?

Posted: November 22, 2019

One of the major changes families often face is the move to a new home. During this transition, many homeowners ask the question, “what happens to my security system if I move?” The simple answer is, you can take it with you! For a fee, Protect Your Home will remove your security system from your old residence and install your equipment in your new home.

Your security system belongs to you. As one of your belongings, it should make the move with you and our security pros can be trusted to take care of this task for you.

The benefits of moving your security system to your new home

Your security system is a part of your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave it behind when you move. Taking your existing system with you has the following benefits. It saves you money

With so many costs associated with moving, it is nice to save money where you can. Although moving your security system does involve a fee, the cost is much lower than those involved with purchasing and installing an entirely new system.

Less work for you

Think of us as you might think of movers—only of the security variety. We handle your security system with care. Rest easy knowing your system will be safely transported from your old address to your new home.

It saves you time

Allowing us to move your security system is one more item you can check off of your to-do list. Simply call us to schedule your move and consider it done. Moving your security system in the comfortable and convenient choice

When you move your security system with Protect Your Home, you can rest easy knowing the hard part is done. Our security pros will help make your move comfortable and convenient and provides these additional benefits.

ADT-monitored home security systems can go with you when you move

Good news! You already know how to use your existing ADT-monitored security system

Moving your existing system makes the mess of moving a little simpler. Home security systems come with many features that allow you to conveniently manage your home. Due to the presence of these features, there is sometimes a learning curve involved and it can take time to become familiar with all the bells and whistles. Moving your existing system means you are immediately familiar with the equipment.

Additional equipment can be added to your existing system

Our security systems are designed to grow with you and your family. If your existing system does not accommodate your new home, simply add the necessary equipment to suit your new digs. Don’t worry about unprotected periods

By scheduling the move of your home security system, you can avoid unprotected periods at your new home. We can have the system moved and ready for you on the day of your choice, keeping you protected as you move.

Rest easy knowing you are protected

Using Protect Your Home to move your existing system means you get the same great quality of protection that you have grown accustomed to. We help ensure you remain protected for every step of your move.

Moving your ADT-monitored home security system

Moving your security system with Protect Your Home

Moving is stressful enough. Let us take some of the burden. We make easy work of moving your security system. Simply call Protect Your Home at 1-800-689-9554 and inform our representative that you are moving and would like to take your existing security system to your new home.

Our representative will connect you with a security pro who will ensure your system is safely and efficiently moved from your existing house to your new home. Rest easy knowing you are safe and sound at a new address.

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