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What is Home Security Monitoring?

What is Home Security Monitoring?

If you do not already have a home security monitoring system, you might be completely unaware of the options that are available to you. Even if you already have home security monitoring, you still might not be fully aware of the options available beyond your current home security monitoring system. In its most basic sense home security monitoring protects your family and possessions from burglary but it can do so much more than that.

Protection from fire is just one of the other capabilities of a home security monitoring system. While a home security monitoring system will not prevent fires, it can sound an alarm that could summon the fire department quickly enough to prevent catastrophic damage to your property. Many home security monitoring systems have a built in smoke detection system that enables the security system to detect the presence of smoke which could indicate a fire in the house. When this alarm is triggered, a message is sent to the home security monitoring station which alerts the staff that smoke has been detected in the home. The personnel will then contact the property owner to determine whether it is a false alarm or a true emergency. If it is an emergency the home security monitoring staff member will contact the local fire department to alert them to the fire on the property.

Another aspect of home security monitoring is the use of security cameras inside the home. Security cameras are often installed in the home when there are employees such as daycare providers or cleaning personnel who are unsupervised in the house. Using security cameras for home security monitoring enables the homeowners to oversee the work of their employees while they are out of the house or to review the recordings from the cameras when they return home.

Home security monitoring can also be used to view the outside of your property while you are home. Security cameras can be installed so that they provide a view of your front door. This enables you to check the television monitor to determine who is at the door if your doorbell rings. This type of home security monitoring is largely a matter of convenience because it enables you to not answer the door to solicitors. It can have some security value though. If you install two way communication devices you can use this home security monitoring feature to ask service personnel to display their identification badges before answering the door to ensure that they really work for the company that they say they represent.

Home security monitoring can have many different components. Your home security monitoring system can help to prevent extensive fire damage, can allow you to supervise employees in your home and can allow you to see who is at your door before answering the door.

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