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What to do if Your Garage Door Keeps Stopping?

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What to do if Your Garage Door Keeps Stopping?

Automatic garage doors are a blessing like so many other modern appliances that make our everyday life easier. They not only pamper us in terms of saving our time but energy too. For example, when talking about electric garage doors, you don’t need to get out of the car and bend and lift the door up and then do the opposite to close it. All of this is possible with just a single push of a button, thanks to automatic garage door openers. However, dependency sometimes can be very harsh. What if the chain breaks down or the remote stops responding? What if you are stuck in a situation where your garage door won’t open or keeps on stopping when you try to close it?   

So what to do when your garage door stops when you try to close it? Become a bit of Sherlock Holmes and start the investigation. 


Check for obstruction object.


The primary culprit can be an obstruction. Automatic garage doors make use of sensors to know if something is present beneath them. Investigate and find out if something is blocking the way because your garage door won’t close if something’s in the way. Even a tiny item such as a twig can set off the alarm. So, sweep the area clean and make sure nothing is present to disturb you. 


Make sure the track is not blocked.  


Make sure nothing is blocking or jamming the track. For the garage door to open and close smoothly, it needs to have a crystal clear track, and if even something tiny comes in the way, the door can stop working. Use a flashlight to ensure no object is hindering the way.


Do you have a broken tension spring?


A broken or stretched tension spring is another reason why your garage door keeps on stopping. If this is the case, you need to call garage door repair experts because trying to make it a DIY project can harm you or permanently damage the door.  


Check if sensors are okay.


If no obstruction is present, the next investigation target should be sensors. Automatic garage doors have photo-eye sensors that ensure the doors don’t close on someone or something, causing serious damage. These sensors can be misaligned, interfering with the doors mechanism to operate properly. You should see lights on both the sensors, and they should blink or be lit. If any one or both lights are out, realign the sensors to make the door up and running. 


If you have tried all the troubleshooting methods and your garage door still keeps on stopping, it’s time to call professional help. 


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