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What To Do if Your House is Broken Into

Protection From Home Invasions

What To Do if Your House is Broken Into

8. Survey your home’s security.

Installing motion detectors, ensuring doors and windows are locked, and using timers to activate lights when you’re not at home are easy and inexpensive ways you can help secure your home from another attack. Then turn to the professionals. Don’t hesitate to ask a law enforcement official to come to your home and conduct a security survey. Most agencies are glad to send an officer to your home and it won’t cost you a cent.

While the officer is there, it’s a good time to pick his or her brain on other ways you can protect your family’s safe haven and inquire about crime in your neighborhood. You’ll also want to make a list of all make, model and serial numbers for electronics, and take pictures of your most expensive or irreplaceable items. Keep in mind that many police jurisdictions will serialize your items at no charge.

A burglary is traumatizing. Don’t be surprised if it takes your family weeks or months to fully recover. Meanwhile, use our guide to help you along the way and prepare for the future by boosting your home’s security immediately.

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