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What’s a Key Fob: Portable Convenience for Your Home Security System

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What’s a Key Fob: Portable Convenience for Your Home Security System

What’s a Key Fob: Portable Convenience for Your Home Security System

Posted: November 07, 2019

Most home security systems come equipped with a remote key fob system as an alternative method of entry. Key fobs are small devices that use radio transmissions to allow access to a restricted area. Commonly used in cars, you now use them to secure things around the home. From garage door openers to the security system devices that help protect our families.

What does FOB stand for?

The initial usage of a key fob was a fashionable or functional attachment to your keys, dating as early as 1888.

Today, the fob acronym is believed to stand for “frequency operated button.” This technology first appeared in the 1980s within the automobile industry. It was introduced in cars like the Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar, Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Town Car. Initially, the technology was used specifically to lock or unlock vehicles in the place of traditional keys and evolved into controlling moon roofs and rear hatches.

How does the key fob work with your home security system?

key fob systemWith the simple push of a button, you can arm and disarm your entry system.

The system comes equipped with a panic button, which will sound a high-decibel alarm when pressed. These signals distress from anywhere within the receiver distance. This function is useful if you notice a crime about to take place on our property, but you are not within reach of your security panel.

Earlier key fob systems of the 1980s used infrared light and required a clear line of sight to function. Modern key fob systems transmit coded signals via radio waves and are considered to be more secure. A signal is sent from the key fob system and retrieved by the receiver. Most key fob systems have to be within a reasonable distance to function properly. The key fob should ideally be within 15-60 feet of the receiver to ensure signal transmission.

How to replace your key fob from Protect Your Home


If your device no longer functions, or you see other problems with your key fob system from Protect Your Home, simply contact Customer Care at 1-800-689-9554 and we will help troubleshoot problems or replace your device.

Benefits of having a key fob system as part of your home security

Fob access offer several benefits when integrated with your home security system. These small, lightweight devices give you greater control over your home’s security and provide a safe way to enter your home. Your key fob system also has the following benefits:

  • Forget the control panel. Quickly secure your home with the push of a button.

  • Manages security without needing to remember PIN numbers.

  • Sounds an alarm during an emergency situation.

  • Offers additional security for parents, whether you’re playing outdoors or securing your home from a separate part of the house.

  • Attaches to your personal belongings and can be taken anywhere.

Controlling your home security system is easier with ADT Pulse

Key fob systems can help round out your home security system. But, what happens when you are out of range for our key fob system? ADT Pulse gives you that additional peace of mind. 

ADT Pulse is an app that provides control of your home security system from anywhere with an internet connection using your mobile device. Simply download the app and gain the ability to arm, disarm, monitor, control smart door locks for keyless entry and stream video all directly from your device from virtually anywhere. 

With ADT Pulse and a key fob system, you will be able to seamlessly manage your home security system.

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