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When To Replace Your Garage Door

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When To Replace Your Garage Door

Choosing home improvement projects is a challenge. There’s always something that can be done, and all homeowners search for projects that will provide a significant return on investment. Good news: A replacement garage door is proven to provide a return on investment greater than many other home improvement efforts.

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But when you should you make the leap? Here are a few ways to know when to replace your garage door:


Does your garage door respond slowly when you try to raise or lower it? It should take only a moment between hitting the opener button and your door leaping to action. If there’s any sort of delay, especially a lengthy one, it’s time to have your door examined by a professional who can identify any issues.


A brand new garage door is smooth and relatively quiet. As that garage door gets older, a number of factors make it run rougher and louder. Have you noticed a sudden increase in just how noisily your garage door opens and closes? If so, it may be a sign the unit is ready for a full overhaul.


A garage door is often one of the most prominent parts of your home that faces the street. Perhaps when it was installed years ago, it was sleek and stylish. But no style lasts forever. You have the opportunity to greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal when you install a modern garage door that complements your home’s existing architecture.

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Safety and Security

New garage doors help keep the assets you store inside your garage safe and secure, both from the elements and from anyone who might try to break in. New garage doors also include the latest in safety technology, including automatic reversal if the door comes into contact with an unexpected object. If your aging door does not provide the safety and security you want, it’s time to consider a new garage door.


One of the biggest signs your garage door needs replaced is malfunctions. A garage door is just like any asset. You can invest in replacement parts over and over. But you eventually reach a point at which it’s more cost effective to simply replace the entire unit. Is your garage door in need of regular maintenance and repairs — perhaps more regularly than you would like? Consider the option of a full replacement.


Dings and dents pile up over the years, whether from unintended collisions, balls thrown by children against the door, hail or other factors. You can manage these dings and dents for a certain amount of time, but they will eventually overwhelm your garage door and its appearance.


Are your energy bills skyrocketing? You may be losing air conditioning cooling through your non- or poorly insulated garage door. Make your home more energy efficient when you choose a new insulated unit.

Are you seeing signs indicating the necessity of garage door replacement? If so, contact us at Custom Door & Gate. For more than 25 years, we’ve been serving Raleigh, Greenville, Fayetteville and other North Carolina communities with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. When you need a replacement garage door at your home, trust Custom Door & Gate.

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