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Which Home Improvements Offer the Highest ROI in 2018?

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Which Home Improvements Offer the Highest ROI in 2018?

Which Home Improvements Offer the Highest ROI in 2018? | Garaga Skip to main content

Planning to remodel your kitchen, upgrade your entry door, change your garage door system for a new one, or undertake some other pricey home renovation in 2018? Watch out… Not all of these home improvements pay off like they did in the past, according to Remodeling magazine’s latest Cost vs Value Report.

What is it exactly?

With 20 different projects reported annually in Remodeling Magazine, 2018’s report forecasts, from 2017 data, that American homeowners should expect to make back on average only about 56% of the money they spend on renovations. Specific project data can be seen for 9 different US regions.

Which ones lead the way?

For upscale projects

  • Garage door replacement: 98.3%
  • Deck addition (wood): 82.8%
  • Window replacement (vinyl): 74.3%

For midrange projects

  • Manufactured stone (veneer): 97.1%
  • Entry door: 91.3%
  • Minor kitchen remodel: 81.1%

Curb appeal is the key word

According to the magazine, curb appeal projects tend to have higher paybacks than inside-the-house projects. Any real estate professional will tell you curb appeal matters a lot, and these numbers prove it.

This explains why garage doors top this list with a 98% ROI, followed closely by manufactured stone veneer, which offers a 97% ROI and wood decks with 83%.

Would you like to know more?

Then contact a GARAGA garage door specialist in your area anytime! Call them or stop by and visit their showroom for a closer look. This professional can send you a detail written quotation by email, even including several possible choices.

If you’ve decided to buy a new garage door because you are building a home or making renovations, use a Design Centre like the one from Garaga, or take a look at their image gallery to get an idea what your new garage door could look like!

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