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Why Is My Garage So Hot?

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Why Is My Garage So Hot?

Why Is My Garage So Hot?

The garage isn’t just a storage room. It may also be a place where your family spends time, working with tools, making music or being active. As the weather heats up you’ll be making more use of it but you may also find it getting too hot. A hot garage can destroy your things and run up your energy bill. Here’s what makes a garage hot and what you can do about it.

why is my garage so hot

Garage Floors Can Retain Heat

Many unexpected factors play into how hot your garage gets. It doesn’t help that one of your hottest possessions – your car – sits there after running, giving off heat long after you’ve parked. If you have concrete floors, they soak up the heat from the sun and your car. You may notice the floor feels too hot in the summer and uncomfortably cold in the winter.

We’ve talked about how great vinyl is for your home’s exterior: it’s strong, low maintenance and durable. Get creative and put vinyl on your garage floor. It comes in roll out sheets or tiles so you can get creative with colors and patterns.

Go for a sporty look with red and grey interlocking tiles. It’ll make your garage look like a showroom. Stick-on tiles are also a good option because they’re low-commitment, so they’re easy to replace as needed.

Keep Your Garage Cool with the Right Insulation

As part of a refresh, update or renovation you’re going to be taking inventory of your home’s efficiency. You might see different opinions on whether insulation helps or hurts when you’re trying to keep your garage cool. The bottom line is a well-insulated garage keeps air where it’s supposed to be, so your garage will stay properly warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Weatherstripping is one way to insulate your garage by creating a perfect seal. However, this is more of a Band-Aid on the problem. What you really want is an insulated garage door. Think of it like a thermos that alternately keeps your soup warm or your drink cold.

It holds heat in so if your garage is already hot and you close the door, the garage will hold it in. On the other hand, if you keep it cool, the insulation will protect the coolness.

Ventilation Cools Down Your Garage

Whether you’re putting in elbow grease on a vintage car restoration or just using it for storage, things might get muggy in your garage. You want to circulate air to make it a nice, usable space and protect the things inside.

A good fan can be used to increase airflow to your garage. You can set one on the floor or mount it to the wall or ceiling. Depending on how you use your garage, you may even find it worthwhile to invest in a dedicated HVAC system.

You could also prop open the garage door to promote cross-ventilation. Be careful, this risks inviting insects, vermin, or unwanted eyes inside. Instead, add windows to the garage to increase airflow without compromising security or privacy. You could also get creative and add a garage door screen. Learn more about them in this article. 

open garage door to cool off your garage

Awning windows are a great option because they open outward so they let in air without letting in the elements. Enjoy the breeze when you’re working or hanging out in the garage.

How Color Makes Your Garage Hot

Ever notice how cars with dark interiors get hotter, or how you find a black shirt more stifling in the summer? That’s because dark colors absorb light rather than reflecting it. So by the same logic, a dark garage door will heat up faster than a light one. If you have a west-facing garage that takes a beating from the sun, you’ll probably want to opt for a white, almond or sandstone finish as opposed to a deep walnut or mahogany.

When you’re deciding on a new garage door, you’ll have plenty of choices to make. Make one easier by going with a durable make in a classic style. Remember that your garage door is the biggest entrance to your home, so make it count.

Choose Professionals For Your Garage Needs

Make the most of your garage with replacement doors and windows. These will increase its efficiency and bring in new light and function, making you see the space in a whole new way. Always go with a professional garage door installation for safety and quality.

For a bigger size garage and more ventilation, you can go with Danley’s. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

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