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Why You Need to Fix Your Warping or Bowing Garage Door

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Why You Need to Fix Your Warping or Bowing Garage Door

Your garage door is a key element of your home, and the last thing you want to do is come back to a beautiful home only to find your garage door buckling.

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A bowing garage door is not only unsightly, but it can also interfere with the operation of your door. What are the causes of a bowing garage door and what can you do about it?

What Is Bowing?

Bowing is a form of warping that occurs across the surface of the garage door, giving it a sort of caved-in look. You will notice immediately if you have a bowing garage door. Warped garage doors just do not look right, and you might notice your garage door opener moaning and straining as it tries to fit the misshapen door into your garage.

What Causes a Warped Garage Door?

Wooden garage doors, while they can look great, are susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Over time, extreme temperatures can affect the integrity of the wood and cause it to warp. Steel garage doors can experience bowing, but it is far less likely. If your steel door is bowing, it may be that you have a centrally situated garage door opener that is not strong enough to handle the weight of your door smoothly.

How to Fix a Bowing Garage Door

If you only have one warped garage door panel, or just a couple, it may be most cost-effective to simply replace those panels, as the cost of replacing a garage door panel is much lower than replacing the entire door.

However, if your whole door is bowing, and/or you are having trouble opening or closing the garage door, you will need to replace the door. Custom Door & Gate has a wide selection of quality garage doors, including superior Clopay® doors that have steel cores with wood cladding, or are made of steel but have the look and feel of real wood through a realistic wood-grain finish. To avoid bowing in the future, you may want to consider one of these types of doors.

Custom Door & Gate also has a selection of highly modern and reliable LiftMaster® garage door openers. We can help you find the one that is the right fit for your garage if your opener is the source of the problem.

Contact Custom Door & Gate for Warped Garage Door Repair Today

Whether you need help fixing a few panels or you’re ready to replace your old, warped door with a beautiful new garage door, Custom Door & Gate is ready to help. After over 25 years of serving North Carolina homeowners, we know the best way to handle a warped garage door and can install a new one fast. For all the garage door assistance you need, contact us online or call us today.

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