Wireless Security Cameras Can Catch Your Idiot Neighbor In The Act

Wireless Security Cameras Can Catch Your Idiot Neighbor In The Act

Wireless security cameras offer the flexibility that wired cameras do not provide. These are easy to install and uninstall. What’s more, these can be hidden effectively to lull intruders and nosy neighbors to carelessness. So catch them on camera.

Living Next Door to Impossible People

It is terrifying to live next to an idiot neighbor who goes goes berserk on your property while you are away. There are also those next door kids who make such a ruckus every night playing basketball that you can’t sleep.

Why some people behave this way is perplexing. To catch them in their own game, you either return the same favor or record their shenanigans on your wireless security cameras and present proof of their behavior to the police to settle the issue.

There’s this case of man who had to endure a broken window, a bashed mailbox, and other destruction caused by an unknown entity. He suspected nobody in the neighborhood. But these rampages only happened on his property and the nearest neighbor was a jobless man who always stayed at home.

Unknown to the neighbor, he installed covert wireless security cameras in the back and front yards. He also made sure that he had cameras facing the side of the suspect neighbor’s house.

On target, the wireless security cameras caught the crazed neighbor dumping garbage on his front yard. The evidence was presented to the police and the neighbor was charged for trespassing and vandalism. That settled the issue right there and then.

Let Them Think Twice

People always think twice before doing anything rash when they know they are being observed. Visible wireless security cameras mounted outdoors can warn intruders and destructive neighbors that they are being watched.

If you are new in the neighborhood, the best thing you can do is protect your property by installing security cameras indoors and outdoors. As long as these cameras are used for home and office security, there is no legal catch here.

Creative Surveillance

There are several varieties of wireless security cameras. These come in different shapes and sizes and you can place them anywhere around the house. Slip these into inconspicuous apertures or ordinary household items and toys to fool everybody to complacency.

When installing them, place them in areas where signals cannot be blocked when these cameras transmit the signals to the computer, TV, or console they are linked to.

You can fool intruders by placing dummy cams in obvious places (where these are usually mounted), or give them the impression that you’ve got several wireless security cameras.

You can imagine them freezing when they notice dummy cams thinking it’s the real thing. Whether it’s the real McCoy or not, people will think twice before behaving rashly or foolishly.

For a small unwired thing, these wireless security cameras can record in the dark and in color too. But this is just the beginning. Technology will be improving these security cameras to provide newer and more efficient features. For now, catch that idiot neighbor rampaging on your property.


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