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Your Garage Door Service Company Can Winterize Your Door

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Your Garage Door Service Company Can Winterize Your Door

It may not be the first thing you consider when you think about the approach of winter, but it’s not too early for your garage door service company to winterize your garage door. This is especially true if you park your cars in your garage overnight. Winterizing can be an important and useful undertaking, and it can save you money in the long run.

Many people are not aware of nor do not think about the option of winterizing their garage doors. But, in fact, insulating your door is an easy, effective, and low-cost way to save energy and to maintain your garage at more comfortable temperatures. This is doubly true if you heat or air-conditioned your garage space.

How much insulation you install depends on how you use your garage. For example, if you use your garage as a workshop or a playroom for the children, you might want to consider insulation with R values in the R13 to an R22 range. On the other hand, if you only park your car in your garage and just need a more comfortable environment when you leave for work, then a low R-value insulation might be more appropriate. Your garage door service company can recommend the proper amount of insulation.

First, insulating a garage, including your garage door, helps keep the ambient temperature inside in winter from falling as low as it might if the garage is not insulated. When you insulate, you will have a warmer place to climb into your car on those cold January days when you start out for work in the morning. Talk to your garage door service company about the proper ways to insulate.

Second, your car will appreciate the fact that you’ve insulated your garage. It’s likely that a warmer garage will help your car start on unusually cold days. Also, with insulation, you’ll have fewer low-temperature issues with your battery. Longer battery life means lower transportation costs and fewer troublesome interruptions to your daily routine.

Finally, when thinking of having your garage door service company insulate a door as protection against winter, it’s also important to remember there are also advantages in the hot, humid Houston months. During July and August you’ll be pleased that your insulated garage stays many degrees cooler than it would if you were not insulated. This can really make a difference if you spend a good bit of time working in your garage during those hot months, or if you use your garage for any sort of activities such as a children’s playroom.


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