Your Rolling Steel Service Door Options

Smooth warehouse operations depend on having the right people equipped with the correct tools to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. As anyone with warehouse experience can attest, there’s a world of difference between a warehouse that’s set up well versus one that isn’t.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington has always done its job in helping warehouses run the way they should. Our commercial door options are second to none. Take the rolling steel service door, for example.

Our 610 model is one of our best sellers because of its quality construction and customizable features. With curtain options running the gamut from steel to stainless to aluminum and perforated to non-perforated, these doors are ready for you to make them your own.

Need a custom finish? We offer four standard colors, as well as around 200 powder coat colors that allow you to obtain just about any color you like. Add to that motorized operation, pass doors, exhaust ports, between-jambs mounting, cylinder locks and special usage packages, and you have the exact rolling steel service door to suit your needs.



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