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Zip Tie Warning

The Garage Shield to the rescue!  This is a stern zip tie warning from DASMA and the federal government.   If you have used Zip Ties to secure your garage door emergency release mechanism, which has been made widely popular by many unknowledgeable news media articles and stories, then you are in violation of Federal Code and UL 325.  If you have done this as a Garage Door Service Company and wish to work with us, please contact us today.

Zip Tie Warning:

Zipties Violate UL Code 325

Prepared by the International Door Association

If you are the owner of a garage door, it is very important that you consider the following tips regarding maintaining a safe and secure door and operator:

  1. It is important to properly perform routine maintenance on your garage door system. To learn more about what to do and what not to do, check out the IDA website
  2. Garage doors with operators feature an emergency release device that can be readily identified – just look for the red cord with a red handle. This device is required by law for the purpose of quick disengagement of the operator. It should never be modified, including the addition of a zip-tie for the purpose of security.
  3. Removing the red handle is not recommended and strongly discouraged. The handle is required by UL 325 and federal law. It is there for emergencies such as a child being entrapped under the door.
  4. If you wish, frosting your garage door windows (if applicable) will obscure visibility into your garage.
  5. By adding a motion-sensing exterior light outside your garage, unwanted guests are less likely to attempt entry into your garage at night.
  6. Leaving the remote control to your garage door operator in your automobile can be an invitation to a thief or undesirable person to enter your house; just like leaving the key to your house in plain view.
  7. At least annually, contact a professional door dealer to inspect your garage door system. A periodic inspection and maintenance visit by a pro can save you headaches and dollars in the future.
  8. Check the surroundings of the roller tracks. Move items that may come in contact with a moving door such as a shovel, broom or lawn edger.
  9. Have your garage door monitored by a security system just as you would any other door or window in your home, and/or install a garage door monitoring system to help you remember to close your garage door.
  10. A very basic and simple tip: remembering to keep your garage door closed can help you protect your home and property. If you must have your garage door open, lock the pass door between the home and the garage.

Search our site for more details on the zip tie warnings! 

Source: International Door Association

zip tie warning
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