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Adding Zip Ties to Garage Doors is a Federal Law and UL 325 Violation

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Adding Zip Ties to Garage Doors is a Federal Law and UL 325 Violation


Adding Zip Ties to Garage Doors is a Federal Law and UL 325 Violation

Many irresponsible news articles and stories reported that it is alright to add zip ties to secure the emergency release device on the operator of your garage door. But according to the Federal Code and UL 325, adding a zip tie to your garage door operator is a violation. This article will help you learn the different tips you should follow in order to maintain a safe and secure garage door and operator.Tips to Maintain the Safety and Security of Your Garage Door and OperatorAll garage door owners need to learn, understand, and implement the IDA’s (International Door Association) tips on how to properly maintain the safety and security of both the garage door and operator.
  • The emergency release device on all garage doors that have operators should never be changed, modified, or customized nor should a security zip-tie be added to it. The purpose of this emergency release device is to quickly disengage the operator of the garage door. This device is easily identified as a red cord with a red handle. The UL 325 and federal law state that the emergency release device should never be removed from the garage door because it plays a significant role during emergencies such as a person getting trapped under a garage door.
  • According to statistics and research, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. To protect your home against a burglar, you can obscure the visibility inside your garage by adding frosting to your garage door windows.
  • Forcible entry is involved in 60.5% of home burglaries. Burglars and other unwanted guests will be discouraged to forcibly enter your garage at night if you place an exterior light with motion sensors outside your garage door.
  • Never leave the garage door operator remote control outside or any place where unauthorized people can have access to it. Approximately 2,000,000 burglaries are reported annually in the United States and you can help prevent your family from being victims by always closing the garage door.
  • Invite a professional door dealer at least once a year to inspect your garage door and prevent future garage door problems, accidents, malfunction, and expenses.
  • Check for any item that may get into contact with the moving garage door and move those items away.
  • Add a security system to your garage door to avoid forced entries and to remind you to always have the garage door closed.
  • Keeping the garage door always closed is the simplest and most basic tip on protecting your home and property. In case you need to have your garage door remained open, be sure that the door between your home and garage is always locked.
  • Your garage door and its system should have routine proper maintenance.
  • Visit the website of the International Door Association to learn more about the dos and don’ts.

Closing thoughts

If you have had a garage door service company add a zip tie to the operator of your garage door, contact a garage door service company immediately to have those zip ties installed on garage door with operators removed as soon as possible.

If you are an owner or an employee of a garage door service company that has installed a zip tie to a garage door with an operator, remove the zip tie immediately or work with another garage door service company in taking off the installed zip ties.


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