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How to protect your garage from forced entry

Protection From Home Invasions

How to protect your garage from forced entry

The overwhelming majority of homeowners do a fantastic job of securing their actual home from criminals and burglars, but they kind of let the ball drop when it comes time to protecting the garage as thoroughly.

We aren’t exactly sure as to why this happens, but it does – the statistics illustrate this pretty clearly. Rutgers University performed a five-year experiment and study, and determined that the overwhelming majority of people that dealt with a significant home breach simply hadn’t paid attention to their home security, and certainly hadn’t paid attention to the security of their garages.

You cannot afford to make that mistake.

Here’s how to better protect your property and your loved ones.

Invest in simple and straightforward security upgrades like Garage Shield

How to protect your garage from forced entry

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is bar entry to your garage from the outside – and that’s going to be possible thanks to Garage Shield.

And effortless (and inexpensive) upgrade that will stop criminals dead in their tracks from being able to penetrate your garage, this is the kind of tool-less upgrade that you’ll want to make so that you sleep a little bit easier every night.

Include your garage as a “dedicated zone” in your security system

It’s also important that you make sure that your garage is included in the “security web” of your home security system, preferably as its own dedicated sell.

This is going to give you enough resources to fully protect your garage from criminal attack, and it’s also going to help you to prioritize this section of your house when it would have traditionally been all too easy to forget about it entirely.

Install security windows in your garage

Because you likely aren’t going to be using your windows all that often in your garage you can spend a little bit of extra money installing “security windows” throughout. These are made of stouter stuff and are certainly more of a headache to open and close (especially from the outside), but they’ll help you to deter criminals that are than anything else out on the market.

Run motion lights (tied into alarms) around the perimeter

An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, and setting up motion lights all over the perimeter of your house (but especially in an open space like your garage and your driveway) will give you the ability to deter criminals right off the bat.

If you’re able to run motion lights around the perimeter of your home and tie them into your alarm system, all the better!

Lock your home entry door from the garage every night

Finally, you’ll want to be certain that you lock your home door that leads into the garage every single night to give yourself an extra layer of security. Too terribly many people rely on the “first line of defense” in their garage door and just kind of hope for the best – but that’s not going to be you.

Take advantage of these tips and tricks and you’ll be good to go!


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