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The Average Loss per Burglary is $2230


The Average Loss per Burglary is $2230

Home burglaries are all too common these days. If you’re wondering just how high the odds of a home burglary really are, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve compiled some important and accurate statistics which will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the odds. Our statistics are based on 2012 information which is derived from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.The first important statistic details the frequency of burglaries in the USA. Based on 2012 figures, one in thirty-six homes will be robbed during the year. This equates to a monetary loss of $2230 per person. Overall, 4.7 billion dollars is lost each year due to this type of crime.As you can see, home burglaries abound and we’re not even discussing the other negative consequences of these crimes, such as psychological turmoil and fear on the part of homeowners who have been robbed.  The experience of having a home burgled leaves many homeowners feeling violated. Their safe spaces have been breached and they may have trouble feeling secure at home, especially when they are alone.We’ll talk about burglary rates in a bit. First, let’s talk about the odds of violent crime…

Which Cities are High-risk?

Some cities are higher risk in terms of having violent crime. The FBI places Memphis at the top of the list. At number two is Detroit. The city with the third-highest violent crime rate is Flint, Michigan. In Memphis, Tennessee, one thousand and fifty-six point eight violent crimes took place during 2012.

In Detroit, Michigan, one thousand and forty-nine point eight violent crimes were committed. In Flint, Michigan, nine hundred and seven point five violent crimes took place. Other cities in the top ten, in order of number of violent crimes, are Stockton, Anchorage, Rockford, Lubbock, Las Vegas, Nashville and Little Rock.

Cities with High Property Crime Rates

Property crime rates in 2012 were highest in Spokane, Washington, USA. Second on the list is Fayetteville, North Carolina. Third on the list is Little Rock, Arkansas and fourth on the list is Columbus, Georgia. Next up are San Antonio, Texas and Springfield, Missouri. Lubbock, Texas is also a place where property crimes are more likely to take place.

How to Deter Property Crime

Property crime isn’t something that can be prevented. However, the right security measures may lower the risk. If you want to find out how to deter property crime, you may wish to arrange for a consultation with a security professional. Home security companies offer state-of-the-art security systems to their valued clientele. These are typically wired to mission control centers at security companies. When an alarm goes off, the mission control team send out security professionals. If needed, they may also access emergency services in the locality, such as law enforcement services. Thieves hate these security systems and this is why so many smart homeowners choose to pay for home security systems.

It’s not just about avoiding theft and the monetary losses that may come with it. It’s also about avoiding violent crime.

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