Securing a garage door: why some don’t, why they should, and how

Front door is locked. Check. Windows closed. Check. Alarm is set. Check. Security cameras are working. Check. When going down the mental checklist of whether or not your home is secure upon leaving or going to sleep at night, you might easily rattle off five or so items that readily come to mind. But [...]

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Signs of Forced Entry—And Why it Matters

You’d surely be able to tell if someone broke into your home, right? You exited, closed the door, locked the door, and ensured all other points of entry were secure. You’ve also brushed up on how to tell if a burglar is watching your house, and you’re confidently thinking there isn’t any reason your [...]

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Pros and Cons of Having a Video Doorbell

It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest technology much to the point where we have all of this stuff, but we don’t ever stop to think about how much good (or even bad) that stuff is actually doing us. I’m not saying video doorbells are bad. They’re very [...]

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How to Tell if a Burglar is Watching Your House

For as much as we like to think so, burglary might not be as random as you’ve been led to believe. Sure, being a victim might be pure bad luck - with criminals picking your house or neighborhood to case out of all in the world - but the act of the burglary is [...]

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