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6 Second Break In

The 6 Second Break In is a series of easy steps that a burglar can take to open your garage door quickly and invade your home. The Garage Shield is a device that prevents the 6-second break-in.

zip tie warning

Zip Tie Warning

The Garage Shield to the rescue!  This is a stern zip tie warning from DASMA and the federal government.   If you have used Zip Ties to secure your garage door emergency release mechanism, which has been made widely popular by many unknowledgeable news media articles and stories, then you are in violation of Federal Code and UL 325.  If …

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7 Online Tools For Neighborhood Safety 870x1024

How Safe Is My Neighborhood? Apps and Tips to Help Your Search

7 TOOLS TO CHECK NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY In order to see if your potential or current neighborhood is safe, start gathering all of your investigative tools. There are many online resources and neighborhood safety maps to measure crime in a particular area. Some have additional features like school and park safety. Below, we’ve highlighted the seven …

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Home Invasion Robbery

Home Invasion Secure Garage

Home Invasion Secured Garage Solution A home invasion is a serious event. It is a breech of trust that someone has with society and it happens because a thief wants what someone else has. Despite extensive security measures being taken, including alarm system installation, home invasions in the United States are quite common. According to …

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6-second break-in

The 6 Second Break In

The 6 second Garage Door Break-in That’s Going Viral Your garage door is a crucial part of your home security. It’s also the largest entry way to your home. If an intruder gains easy access to your garage, everything inside is vulnerable. If you haven’t taken basic precautions for your garage door, your home itself …

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A Super Hero’s Shield Stops Crime | Newsroom for The Garage Shield

A Super Hero’s Shield Stops Crime PRESS RELEASE – MAR 23, 2016 11:00 MST The Garage Shield fights 6-second break-in with 1-minute installation Everytown, USA, March 23, 2016 ( – There’s an easy way for many homeowners to stop criminals with a tool that a super-hero might wield: a shield. The Garage Shield blocks the simple-yet-effective way that …

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9 (Inferior) Alternatives to Garage Shield

These 9 alternatives to Garage Shield are among the first objections that people may have when considering the product: Get a Gun: A gun won’t protect your home while you are at work, nor protect you while you’re deep asleep. Guns, ammo, and training also cost a lot of money, whereas The Garage Shield is …

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New Product to Keep Crooks From Breaking into Your Garage

There’s a new way burglars are trying to steal from homes that you should be aware of. Investigators across the country say the thieves slide a coat hanger through the top of the garage door and aims to hook the release handle, or the cord attached to it.If Source: New Product to Keep Crooks From …

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Preventing garage door break-ins

AUSTIN — It’s a time of year when garage door break-ins usually increase. One gadget called the Garage Shield aims to prevent these break-ins. “When people want to get into the garage from the outside, what they’ll do is they’ll come up and they’ll shove the hanger through this opening right here,” said Don Grenier, …

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My Six Second Burglary Story – The Product Poet

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